Wedding Board
Wedding Board

Will the chalk brush off my Chalkboards?

No! We use a special oil based chalk that will not come off. However it will smudge if you rub it with pressure

What are your boards made of?

For the panels themselves, We have sourced a recent innovation in pressed-wood board, used by architects and interior designers. Not only is it far stronger and more durable that MDF, it is water resistant and almost fully organic.

Does it matter if the Chalkboard gets wet?

Should it be raining on your wedding day, you will not have to worry about your board being ruined! The chalk will not come off, although you will need to be a little careful not to leave it in torrential rain as the wood we use is water-resistant not waterproof and will become damaged if left to get very wet.

How quickly will my board be with me?

All of our boards are hand made to order. We try to ship boards within 1-2 weeks but it does depend on demand.

How can I hang my Chalkboards?

Your chalkboards will come to you as you see in the pictures. We love our boards resting on a shelf or table. If you would like to hang them, we can recommend Command picture hanging strips or the original 'invisible' disc plate hanger but just make sure that you use the right number and size for your board. For the wedding boards, it is very common to use an easel. Make sure to check with your venue, as some will have one that you can use. 

How can I clean my board?

We advise lightly dusting with a damp cloth or feather duster. Wipe the board gently, do not rub as you will risk smearing the chalk slightly.

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Welcome to Daisy Chain 

My name is Freya. I am an artist who makes personalised chalkboards. I love the look and style of chalkboards, so set about to develop a range of designs using the highest quality artists materials. I really wanted to create artworks that could offer not only a personal touch, but had exceptionally high standards of design and workmanship.

For a year I tested  various methods of creating a chalkboard that is permanent, water resistant, that will not fade and keeps that organic chalk look.

All the materials that we use are sourced from the highest quality european manufacturers. I do not resell mass produced/ printed goods. They are all handcrafted by myself and assistants in our workshop in London.

We offer a variety of designs to capture your imagination but if you would like something just a little different, or have a very specific idea in mind, we would be more than happy to work with you to create your own unique board. 

We hope you enjoy looking through our site! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

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Wedding Board